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Posted on 03-20-2017

Keep Your Body in Motion with Chiropractic Services

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Aches and pains might plague your body over time, which leads you to take pain medication or visit the traditional doctor. However, you don't always need a medicinal solution. Those pains might originate with a poorly aligned body. Explore your options with chiropractic services as you keep your body in motion.

Heating and Cooling during Chiropractic Services

Keeping your body in motion means that flexibility must be a priority. San Antonio professionals can't adjust your joints without a relaxed and flexible body. Depending on your ailment, they'll use either hot or cold compresses. As you lay on an adjustment table, these treatments give your muscles, tendons and ligaments a chance to relax. When the chiropractor is ready to adjust you, the body is free to move with the forced movement. Some adjustments are quick snaps, whereas other movements are more controlled as joints fall into the right alignment.

Adjusting the Neck

The neck constantly holds up a heavy skull and brain along with balancing this weight across your shoulders. With this fact in mind, it makes sense that a tense neck might cause you some pain. Chiropractic care often involves neck adjustments where the professional turns and pops the vertebrae into place. You're normally laying on your back with your head resting on a specialized support. If you were an observer, the visual of this adjustment may seem extreme, but it alleviates many pains. Headaches and shoulder stress can be nearly cured with proper chiropractic services applied to the patient's case. 

Aligning the Spine

Your spine is a long and complex system of bones and nerves. If any of these vertebrae slide out of line, aches are the result. During chiropractic care, spinal adjustment is common. You'll be placed on your stomach or side, depending on the intended treatment. The professional uses pressure and counter pressure across the back in order to carefully manipulate the bones. Each spinal area is different, such as the lumbar, thoracic or cervical areas. Professionals simply use their training to pinpoint your troublesome area, and they adjust it as necessary.

Supplementing with Good Nutritional Counseling

Chiropractic care isn't only a physical adjustment. These professionals also open up your mind to a better lifestyle through smart nutrition. They'll discuss proper portions, adding in fruits and vegetables and other key areas. Good nutrition directly impacts your health. If you're struggling with obesity, the extra weight may be pulling your back out of alignment. By changing what you eat on a daily basis, that weight can drop off of your body and relieve pressure on the back. Nutrients within the food also nourish healthy bones and muscles. Your body may be able to stay in alignment when ample nutrients saturate those tissues.

Returning For Follow-ups

A chiropractor cannot fix a patient with only one appointment. Follow-up appointments are common in the chiropractic world. You'll see the professional several times a week at first. Each session aligns your body just a little bit more. The professional might have you reduce the number of sessions as the body acclimates to the changes. You may feel like the adjustments are holding over a long time period after several months of treatment. Be aware that you should still periodically visit the professional in order to maintain an aligned body. Gravity and daily movements cause shifting among the joints.

Ask your San Antonio professional about your progress during chiropractic care. Everyone improves at a different pace and you may need more adjustments compared to another patient. Follow the instructions during chiropractic services so that you can feel natural relief without any pain medication.

For more information about chiropractic services in San Antonio and feeling your best without the help of pain medication, visit http://www.chiropractic-sanantonio.com    

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I have just recently moved to San Antonio and was in need of a Chiropractor. When I found Dr. Lewis, I found more than that. First, after many years of going to some very good chiropractors, I found the best one I have ever gone to regardless of location and I have lived in many states and cities; second, I have found someone that looks farther than just an adjustment and is concerned about my holistic wellness. Very few health care professionals provide the level of care that I receive when I see Dr. Lewis. She is helpful, caring, compassionate while being I true professional. I couldn't have be more blessed

Kimberly C.
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