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Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec


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Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec

How a Nutritionist Improves Your Quality of Life

Posted on 10-02-2017

It's difficult to always eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Busy lives, injuries and personal responsibilities can impede your goals as a healthy individual. There are solutions to y...

Your Chiropractor Visit: Understanding Your Treatment Options

Posted on 09-19-2017

That pain in your back is beginning to irritate you more and more. You might call in sick several times a month to simply deal with the issue. Living in pain isn't necessary when you seek out...

Chiropractic Care: Not Just a Spinal Manipulation Session

Posted on 08-11-2017

Visiting a chiropractic professional in the past used to be a specialized appointment that was relatively rare for most people. The modern, medical world welcomes alternative treatments that inclu...

Visit a Nutritionist For Complete Stomach Health Year-Round

Posted on 07-31-2017

Millions of people deal with stomach upset multiple times in their lifetime. Overindulgence, food sensitivities, and other issues culminate into digestive problems. When you're frustrated ...

5 Reasons People Love Their Chiropractor

Posted on 06-16-2017

Visiting your general practitioner used to be the main way that people cared for their bodies. Although the family doctor still plays a crucial role for your health, there are alternative options ...

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I have just recently moved to San Antonio and was in need of a Chiropractor. When I found Dr. Lewis, I found more than that. First, after many years of going to some very good chiropractors, I found the best one I have ever gone to regardless of location and I have lived in many states and cities; second, I have found someone that looks farther than just an adjustment and is concerned about my holistic wellness. Very few health care professionals provide the level of care that I receive when I see Dr. Lewis. She is helpful, caring, compassionate while being I true professional. I couldn't have be more blessed

Kimberly C.
San Antonio, TX

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